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Originally Posted by RollingHard28 View Post
Hey Tremolo,

Any updates from KW? I figure since you said it applies to all F30 KW coilovers, then I have the same short springs. Let m know what you find out, as I will need that fix/upgrade when it as available as well.
According to KW, you do indeed have the short springs. Try jacking up one side of your front wheel. No need to take off the wheel. Just check the perch and how high it is. It will probably at the top or close to it. I'm sure your ride is fine for now. But after a week or two, it'll settle and you will immediately notice how much worse the ride will be. Some people don't mind the ride quality being diminished, but I'm a real stickler for ride quality.

The original pic in my post is the when the perch was about 3/4 inch from the top. However, if you read on, I raised it all the way up. This raised the car about 1/2 an inch. The ride quality was really good. But after a week, the front settled again to the same height as the original pic. That's how short/soft the springs are.

My car right now is about the height of your car. The ride quality isn't unbearable and it honestly looks pretty nice. But the fact that it's the highest it can go is just not right. It is not the product they advertised and it's not what I paid for. Ironically, they would deny you warranty on your shocks since it's too low.

KW has a good rep. But I judge a company by how they handle the situation when they have a "miss". Some research will show that most fans of KW probably had no problems with their KW products. But read about the bad experiences. They echo the experience I had.