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My biggest disappointment with the F30 has been the audio system.

It could also be due to the fact that I've been exposed to really high-end studio systems as a mixing/mastering engineer.

Even my 7-year old system with most of it's speakers dying out, running in a 2.1 with a Polk Sub config sounds better, lol. I found the HK to be tinny and a bit harsh. It could have been the quality of the audio the dealer showed me as I haven't received the car yet.

To make it sound better, he kept boosting the highs, which generally isn't a good idea. The more highs you boost especially 10K, the thinner your mids/bass will get and also causes more ear fatigue. Most car systems are tuned to pump out more bass.

The HK bass response didn't seem tight either. From the graphs shown in this thread, Bass Control seems to boost 80Hz.

While in my remote location, I won't be able to modify or replace the HK, I hope a marginal satisfaction can be reached using the EQ's. Why has BMW made this so complicated? In all honesty, HK sucks, not sure how much of an improvement it is over the stock system.

Can you at least replace the centre dash Tweeter without affecting the response too much? A Focal tweeter can bring in the much needed clarity.

VP Elec, great thread, very informative. In the meantime, once I receive the car, I'm going to try squeezing out the car EQ.