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With 'regular' driving which is 30% town, 30% dual-carriageway and 40% single lane A/B roads I'm getting around 39mpg now. It started off nearer 37mpg but it's creeping up - got 4k on the clock now so guess it may still improve a wee bit. Probably in Comfort mode about 70% of the time, Sport/Sport+ 20% and Eco-yawn about 10%. ASS is on most of the time as I keep forgetting to switch it off.

Did a long run from Brighton to Richmond (North Yorks) about 300m up the M23/M25/M11/A1 pretty much 70mph the whole way and got a fraction over 50mpg. Was well chuffed with that.

2012 F30 328i Lux', 8SAT, Melbourne Red