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Originally Posted by Tremolo View Post
I haven't had any of the problems you've mentioned. I did rub my tire on the fender once while going up my driveway at an angle. My wheel was turned almost all the way. It wasn't a bad rub. It only rubbed because I hit the driveway a little bit fast and the car bounced a tiny bit. My iDrive said my oil is at Min... but I think that's different from the check engine light. I've had no issues with the gas cap. My brakes grind and squeal, but I dont' think that has anything to do with the suspension.
Thanks for the info. Went to LTMW and they confirmed the code had to do with the gas cap. He reset it and it is gone now.

Do you find it harder to stop now that you have it lower? Seems to me like the breaks are working harder than before when I come to a stop..