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Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
I drove 100 miles mixed town "A" roads and duel carriageway car returned 53MPG,
If I can get anywhere near 50MPG in a 330d I'll be happy. I have a Mercedes C250 which is supposed to be good for ~45MPG (but I get around 38 doing a 120 daily commute to work and back on the M25/M1).

If I get get 50+ by my math, I can get a 5+ daily saving in fuel / 60 month or a massive saving of over 700 a year (based on a three day working week).

Somehow I think I'm going to get in the region of about 45. Which calculates at around 40 a month / 470 a year saving in fuel costs. Still not to be sniffed at.
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