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Originally Posted by micosilver View Post
Have anyone considered that perharps there are less 3-series sold because there are less cars available for sale in US? All our 2012's are gone, and we have about 1 week supply in stock.
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Logical thinking is prohibited in these kind of threads.

I like the C Class on the grassy knoll theory myself. It's a transition, people. That's all it is.

If we're looking for commonalities, during both the E90 and F30 transitions, in the first 9-12 months the 3 Series had three consecutive quarters of sales drop with two of them in double digits, the Coupe/Vert/Wagon nosediving badly in anticipation of a new bodystyle.

The alarms can sound with the March 2013 quarterly report as that will show the complete first year of F30 sales and the first six months of XDrive models.

Any non-niche-enthusiast whose driven an F30 knows its a remarkable car, a quantum leap ahead of the E90, a big distance ahead of the C, certainly the best 3 Series ever. Since that group represents 95% of the buyers in that segment, there is no issue here.