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Originally Posted by boltjames View Post


You realize that 95% of all 3 Series sold do not have manual transmissions, do not have sport suspensions, do not have a sport package of any sort?

You realize that the average BMW owner is a 47 year old female on a 36 month lease in a car that she took off the lot to look stylish on her way to the nail salon?

"BMW doesn't count just on enthusiasts for their sales though."

LOL. Ya think? This forum is entertaining and all, but please, grab a lawn chair and sit at a busy intersection, profile the 3 Series drivers, tell us what you see.

What is the point of your response? What are you trying to prove?

I already said that BMW doesn't count on enthusiasts for their sales. Are you proving my point or disapproving my point?

I'll tell ya what I see in my area.....a lot of 40-50-60 years old males and females who drive 3-series (non-Sports models) on 36 month leases off the lot. Most BMWs, specifically E90s and F30s, driven in my area are regular X-drive models. However, I do acknowledge the fact that there are also enthusiasts driving. But there aren't enough of them for BMW to have the sales numbers they have and need.

BTW, I've seen only 3 F30s driven so far on the roads in my area - 2 base models and one Luxury line, all of them 328s. A lot of E90s though.