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Originally Posted by J1n View Post
Just got my bank cheque and insurance ready.. all systems go for tomorrow's pickup. I think it's going to rain tomorrow which is abit of a shame but it also meansn I may have to do a my waxing and protection done at night. I will definitely throw up quite a few pics. (happy to facilitate any pic requests)

I'd say the forums have contributed much in choosing the right options.. this is the first time I've been active in the forums and this is our 3rd BMW purchase. I'm glad that I've spent more time doing analysis before buying this time around.

I am also looking for some online website where I can get some M Performance parts, seems quite hard to get OEM stuff online here in AU. I'll talk to the dealer tomorrow about how much they'll charge me for some of the parts I'm looking for.

PS-My Mrs even bought me breakfast for tomorrow morning before I head off to the dealers rofl. V(-.-)
shame about the rain but I bet it won't hold back your smile when you see her

as for the M performance parts, have you tried to PM stu for pricing?(bmrox something something ... chime in stu if your reading). I'm thinking of ordering the grilles, P3 gauge/vent and possible a black/cf lip from him