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Which competitors' vehicles have you driven?

I am going to drive an ATS tonight (the 2.0 unfortunately, I really wanted to try the 3.6) and it will probably be the last of the competition I try.

Going all the way back to February, I tested the C350 4matic and the same day was my first tests of the 328i and 335i. I liked the C350 but decided the 335i was better. It was a more engaging drive.

In the spring I tested the Audi S4. Right after that I went and drove the 335i again. I still preferred the 335i but it was a lot closer that time. The 335i is still a more engaging and connected car to drive, in my opinion. I felt that the S4 was more polished, both in terms of the drive and the interior.

I actually preferred the interior of the S4 but the console layout is too busy and cluttered. The S4 incorporates its screen better than the BMW but the screen is smaller than the BMW. Also, the idrive controller and the buttons around it and the design of the gear selector is just way cleaner or more ergonomic than in the Audi.

As for the polish, the S4's ride and acceleration are smoother and quiter than the 335i...but I am currently driving a Lexus and I've had just about enough of smooth and quiet.

The B&O stereo is remarkable, maybe a touch better than the HK stereo, but neither is as good as the Mark Levinson system in my 2002 Lexus.

We own a Lexus IS as well and it is a pretty good little sport sedan. Nice engine noise especially for a 4cyl and tight steering. It's suspension is a bit stiff and there's no ride control adjustment. On roads with a lot of that crack filler stuff, you almsot get a tinny sound in the cabin as if the suspension is causing some resonation through the frame. Also, the infotainment system in the IS is junk....way outdated, like Lexus should be embarrassed by it. And the seats hurt my back. But nice leather and heated/cooled seats is sweet. No fold down seats. My wife drives it, I wouldn't buy one.

I am not going to bother with the Infiniti because i just don't like how it looks.

So tonight will be interesting. I am intrigued by the magnetic suspension and the CUE system.

Either way I will post a review of the ATS when I get home.

Anyone driven one yet, or done a direct comparison to any competitors?