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Originally Posted by dc1743 View Post

My first time here. I have just bought an ex demonstrator F30 320D Sport to replace an Audi A4 and am struggling with a couple of minor configuration issues.

Please can someone advise if it is possible to synchronize the temperature of each of the zones of climate control (in other words if I set the Drivers side to 20 the passenger side automatically goes to 20 as well)?

Also how do you adjust the volume of traffic announcements and navigation to match the volume of the playing media?

Lastly what does BMW Assist do for me?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Press the centre of the right hand A/C button marked "ALL" and you control both sides.

Whilst the announcements are being spoken adjust the volume control.

BMW assist (if you have pro Nav ) will find places and drop directions into your nav system, help you find places you are looking for, get help for you if needed etc.
Allow you to down load straight to your car directions to places from google maps. You have to be registered first though, speak to the supplying dealer.
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