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iPhone 5 Compatibility

After having my phone for a while now I decided to give the apps a go in the car and so plugged the phone into the usb port in the armrest.

After a while of waiting a message came up saying something about the device that was connected not being supported. Is this just the app waiting to be updated for compatibility or something else? I didn't have much time to mess around trying to get it to work so I may just be missing something altogether.

On a separate note, I enquired about the new cradle and had this back from my dealer:

“Accessories for the Apple iPhone 5- compatibility issue

The following information concerns all Dealer staff.

We have received some important information from BMW AG regarding the iPhone 5 and the availability of approved accessories.

With the introduction of the new iPhone 5 and its new 8 pin lightning connector, Apple have launched numerous technical changes causing new challenges for BMW. The 8 pin lightning connector which replaces the previous 30 pin docking connector is one challenge along with the removal of the 'iPod-out’ function, and changes to the audio and video output from an analogue to a digital signal.

These changes have resulted in the current Apple accessory products BMW offer becoming non-compatible with the new iPhone 5. This includes the snap-in adaptors and the Y-leads. BMW have already requested the technical information on the iPhone 5 and the new connector from Apple to start the development work needed. Apple has confirmed that full information and the new 8 pin connector will not be available to the world market until at least November 2012. The availability of the information and connector will restrict the initial development start date and in turn have an impact on how quickly BMW can produce a solution to these problems.

We do not expect to see new accessory products for the iPhone 5 until Q4 2013. As soon as we have more information we will release this via the ASD newsletter.”

Looks like it may be a longer wait for the new accessories to arrive