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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
This is quite old news dude Weeks before the iPhone 5 was launched it was reported on this forum that it was entirely incompatible with the cradle and the new "lightning" (USB2! ) connector had ruined the entire Universe. Or something

Anyh00 - I didn't buy one and bought a second 4S instead
I thought that was the case but must admit I missed a few days and by then it had moved on to doom and gloom so gave up. I was half expecting a 6 month wait for the new cradle which was perhaps optimistic as the whole thing had changed.

I'm not bothered about the cradle, I'll put up with the Bluetooth capability for now. On the bright side, it looks like my Christmas present for 2013 is sorted!

If I could just get the apps to work via the cable though I reckon I'd even forego the cradle completely