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... i know it's stupid...

part of me want to yank the ED plate out (because i am simply no longer in Germany)

part of me want to yank the California plate out and just leave the ED plate
(but the cops would be too happy to give me a citation for it, and my insurance is already sky high as is, i just cannot afford to pay anymore to the government... and Gas is about to kill me)

Why do i have 2 licence plates ?
(and none up-front ?? LOL)
i must be retarded... and a bit of a show off, to point out that i did an Euro Delivery...

I know it's stupid...
before getting this car, i thought it was stupid when seeing other people doing it...
and told myself, i would never do it...

Turns out, never say never

Anyways, I am getting a personalized licence plate very soon...
so i will have to do something about this...

I should make a vote:

1) leave the ED plate together with the CA plate
2) simply take out the ED plate