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Originally Posted by TreDirtyFive View Post
All the new standard ISTA firmware updates removes most, if not all, exhaust burbles in all N55's as to give more exclusivity to those willing to shell out the extra coin for the PPK update. My 135i was a throaty muscle car gurgler for most of it's life until the PPK STG1 was released and they subsequently re-fashed my car...burbles gone and throttle response softened. This is all part of the master plan. My new 335i F30 currently has the burbles as well, although not as raw and raspy due to all the exhaust plumbing vs. my 135i but I am sure once the PPK is released they will zap it. How shiity is that?
So youre saying the next time I go in for service once the PPK is out the dealer is going to reflash my car with some stupid update thats going to virtually eliminate the little burbble that my stock 335i has? If thats the case god BMW has stooped to a new low....its total bull crap! I love the way the car sounds now, no need to change that.

Yeah lets screw the people that went out and were among the 1st to purchase an f30 and make them shell out another $1,000 plus to retain what their cars already had.
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