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LOL Battler I was having coffee there waiting for an hour for the dealer to get to me, he squeeze me in today as I'll be busy whole of next week.

Thanks everyone for helping me get through the long wait! As few of you know I've been waiting for roughly 7 months. I do love it alot.. it actually felt more powerful than I remembered. I had to go easy on the pedal compared to the F10 and there were times I thought I was in sport mode, but I was actually using comfort all the while.

As for issues.. I went in with a check list so I knew all the problems I was looking for.

-went through all my accessories
-check to see if all seals were good and none assembled the wrong way.
-any interior errors in fittings
-vibrations (SPED down to Chadstone going 140 no vibrations DAM RIGHT)

I only spent like 15 mins with the dealer coz I told him I had a check list and I'd wanted to get outa there and drive.. But they usually allocate like roughly 1.5 hours or so for delivery. Help you set up blue tooth the lightings.. and HUD. They do a pretty decent job going through the iDrive with you but I was like "SKIP I Know that.. next.. next.."

He also said it's the very first one they delivered , we high 5'ed lol

I just completed a whole 6 hour detail.. I'm hoping for some sun tomorrow I'll get some non horizontal shots. SWISSVAX owns.. if anyone is into Canuaba wax.. I highly recommend it.. the deep gloss is amazing.

David: Wasn't 20kms I drove to Chaddy and around the city to pick the Mrs Up. So thats about right =)

PS- I love the HUD and Nav combination it's AWESOME.. I'll nvr go without HUD again, its so much safer. Mrs was speechless. I do regret not getting extended blue tooth connectivity tho. Normal USB cable didnt work for me, unless I'm missing something. Seems I need the Y cable to get my iphone to work with it. HK is great even with non digital FM.. u guys who ordered DAB will be so pleased. I'll need to do some googling for good HK settings.

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