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Just test drove an S5. Wasn't the usual test drive i would take if i was seriously interested in buying the car(30+min drive) but a typical 10min spin up the highway and back

+Steering wheel, really liked the design
+felt very solid
+DSG was cool but shifts slower than the sport auto in the ZF
+Engine sound inside the car sounded really good. I hope the 335msport with performance exhaust sounds as good.
+exterior looks great, interior
-Weight. Holy shit did the car feel heavy.
-There was this disconnected feel with the road thats hard to explain
-steering was EPS just like the F30 but the way it's assisted makes it feel much more artificial
-Transmission shifted slower than the ZF
-interior looked cheap imo. the design is nice but the materials, not so much

Of course as i drove away the bmw dealer is right next store(same owner) and they had an eb2 sitting outside. Can't wait till i get mine.

S5 was a nice car, but feels more like a sports coupe for an older man.
-Car just felt to big
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