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H&R Sport Springs-- first impressions

Before anyone says it, I know this thread is worthless without pics, I will post them tomorrow, it was dark by the time I got back from testing out the new springs and exhaust.

I just picked up my 335i M Sport this evening after having H&R Sports installed. The drop looks very nice--it's subtle and clearly lower than stock, but doesn't look slammed. I forgot to take measurements for before and after, but it's noticeably lower to me; I will, however, say that most people who aren't familiar with the car probably won't look at and immediately think "that car is lowered."

Over the course of a couple of hours I covered most types of road surfaces. The suspension is noticeably stiffer in cornering, but not a dramatic change. The overall ride comfort is suprisingly close to stock. (note, I have the adaptive suspension) I took it out to some excellent winding and twisting roads and pushed the car pretty hard; it always felt planted and confident. I did notice on some gently undulating/wavy pavement at high speed that the dampers couldn't control the rebound as tightly as I would like, but so far I never felt like the car is "bouncy" like I have experienced on previous cars with stiffer and lower springs on the stock dampers. I need to put on some more miles, but so far I am very pleased with the results from the H&R sport springs.

I will post pics tomorrow.

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