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Signed for a 335ix

Hey guys!
I have signed for the 2013 335iX sedan yesterday! its going to be my first german car and after driving a 08 accord coupe i fell in love when i was test driving the 335i 6speed. I drove the auto and the 6 speed and i understand the auto is a bit faster but i went with the stick because i felt i had more control of the car and i just felt good driving the stick. I gotten the metallic blue, with black interior, M package, 19' m wheels, premium package. I won't get the car for a week but all I've been doing was trying to look at many blue 335s and the more i look at it, the more i like that colour. I was debating between the white and blue but the reason i went with the blue was i was some what tired of the white since I've been driving a white car for 8 years

I do want to ask what kind of winter tires i would need, i live in kitchener, canada and we get lot of snow here. Sales man told i need 225/45R17 94V tires but I'm not sure if i should purchase another set of wheels for winter or replace the summer tires with winter. 19" winter tires will cost money compare to 17'..any advice?

This car costed me $74k out the door but this is because we canadians pay more for cars..

thank you guys, cuz I've been reading on this forum for about 2 weeks now and gathered much info i could...this car is supposed 2 replace my blue R6 after i got into an accident but hopefully i can still ride my bike next year but not as often..