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Originally Posted by David325Australia View Post
I'm having Morrie Marinai from Reflection Perfection fully detail my F30 in November. Amongst a host of paint cleaning, treating, waxing etc is a sealant called Nitroseal. A relatively new product, a little over 1 year old, it has had rave reviews from detailers all around the world.

Morrie will be treating my car with this 2 part sealant. You might want to check this product out as well. Cheers.
Hi Guys, Long time reader and first post and I am loving the look of the F30.
Morrie detailed my e92. It required paint correction He has done a few of my and my families cars. It been sold now. I miss it.
Thats mine. He did a great job. He put a wax on mine because I could not afford the sealant option at the time but he did offer me Nitroseal and another one by Wolf's I think the brand was but could not afford the extra at the time.... anyways, I was working out why I could not post threads and just realised I need 3 posts under my belt! So this is my first with hopefully many more to come.

I cant wait to see the F30 on the road, it may just tempt me.

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