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Originally Posted by PhilN20i
Originally Posted by Maz335i
Originally Posted by luigimaster24
Thanks for all the kind words guys.

Got the Meisterschaft full exhaust coming in next week. I'll be sure to update with sound clips and pics
I'm thinking of getting the same instead of the M Perf. one.

How much r u paying for installation?

I live in Canada and we get ripped off badly for installing anything so I just wanna get a rough estimate from ur end.
That sucks. I can't imagine it being that much for an exhaust install. We only charge one hour at our BMW dealership (cut and install). Good luck and hope you don't get ripped off.

I got ripped off on springs installation. From $798 + tax he went down to $650 + tax and insisted I was taking food away from his kids!

Anyway for the M Perf Exhaust they quoted me a much better price of aprox. $400 + tax (installation).

However I recently got another dealer offering me a quad tip Eisenmann exhaust. He didn't have pricing but promised a good one. I'll probably go that route once they release the quad tip version in a few weeks time (hopefully before winter)...
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