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Lightbulb Impressions, Pics and Videos of the F30 335i BMW M Performance Exhaust System

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Two quick thoughts: 1) I love the look of it; 2) Quite noticeably but not dramatically louder than the stock exhaust.

That being said, I guess the best way to put it is that the exhaust note is definitely more distinct. It sounds like it has some character now. It's been spitting rain here all day so that's why the tips look so grimy.


After a few days with the exhaust, here are some additional observations:

Cold starts sound much better (although the stock system was no slouch in this regard). Upshifts using the paddle shifters sound, in a word, glorious. No drone detected thus far when traveling 60-70 mph on the interstate. I find myself driving with the windows and radio down more than ever before. Exhaust sounds relatively tame in EcoPro mode.

Cold start and idle (filmed with an iPhone 5). This was a one-man, low-budget production. I'll post up some revving, etc. later.

Here is some more sound (revving).

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