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Originally Posted by ybbiz34 View Post
Working on getting some sound. When I have time I'll take some better pictures and do a write-up on my overall impressions of the M Performance Exhaust.

Two quick thoughts: 1) I love the look of it; 2) Quite noticeably but not dramatically louder than the stock exhaust. That being said, I guess the best way to put it is that the exhaust note is definitely more distinct. It sounds like it has some character now.

It's been spitting rain here all day so that's why the tips look so grimy.
I got to test drive a 335i with the M sport exhaust, and my feeling on it is the same as yours. It's not dramatically louder, which is why I really liked it.
It adds just the right touch of character without being brash.
And, pretty much no drone, not the kind I've experienced with some systems that sound great on throttle and idle, but really SUCK for daily driving and for longer highway cruising.

Audio files on small speakers don't do justice to how nice this exhaust is in person. It sounds odd on audio files I've heard on the web, but in person it takes on a much nicer character.

I have the sport AT with my 335i and I love the burble between shifts, with the M sport exhaust it is nicely accentuated.

I had a 328i loaner for a couple days with standard AT, and it doesn't have any burble over run on shifts. I thought it would have some but it doesn't.
On one high rpm shift I thought I heard a tinny bit, but that was it.
That's another bonus with the N55, not only does it sound better over all, at idle, on throttle, WFO, but you also get that cool burble on shifts.
N20 is nice, but the N55 is just that much sweeter.