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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post

It's not dramatically louder, which is why I really liked it. It adds just the right touch of character without being brash. And, pretty much no drone . . .

^ Exactly my thoughts as well. It's definitely a welcome and worthwhile upgrade but by no means is it over the top.

Audio files on small speakers don't do justice to how nice this exhaust is in person. It sounds odd on audio files I've heard on the web, but in person it takes on a much nicer character.

^ Agree 100%.

I have the sport AT with my 335i and I love the burble between shifts, with the M sport exhaust it is nicely accentuated . . .

^ You took the words right out of my mouth. With respect to the "burble" on upshifts, it is another instance where the sound is not dramatically different, but rather noticeably enhanced (i.e., louder and generally more aggressive).
My responses are in bold. Overall, our impressions are virtually identical. Thank you for sharing them sir!