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Originally Posted by ybbiz34 View Post
I think it ended up taking a bit longer than an hour, and I remember being charged for some materials, etc.

I also was able to purchase the exhaust for less than MSRP ($1,250), obviously.

I am actually aggravated about the price they are quoting me to install my black grilles. I'll give you a hint, it's higher than what they quoted me for the exhaust installation.
Hmm.. If it were me, I'd at least called BMW and let them know the Dealer charged more. The reason BMW quotes the prices is to avoid situations like this, where one person is charged more than the other for something straightforward. They don't quote times for suspension, etc as there are too many variables.

There should have been ZERO extra parts needed. That, coupled with the grill quote they gave you definitely warrants the "complaint" call. At least so the next guy doesn't get fleeced.

Anyway, I've beat than dead horse Enjoy the exhaust.. I love mine!!