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Originally Posted by HavannaF30 View Post
I'm preparing to swap out my stock 19" 401 wheels with a winter setup. With the ridiculous prices that BMW wants for a new winter tire package, i'm trying the 2nd hand route, more specifically from an E90. After searching high and low, I'm still unable to find a clear answer with regards to what will and will not fit on my car.. so i'm asking for anyones insight.

My car is a 2012 335i (non xdrive)
It's canadian so it doesn't have the TPMS, however, it has the FTM.

Does anyone know if a 17"+ set up from an E90 will simply bolt on (with no FTM issues). Or will I need adapters and sensors, making the operation a bit more painful.

have you driven the 19" staggered set on snow at all? If so were there any issues with 19" wheels? I'm debating if I need to keep an 18" wheel set for Chicago winters but would prefer to just keep the 19" wheels on all year round.