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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
The standard wheelbase of the F30 is also available alongside the 3erLi in the Chinese market and both are doing exceptionally well.
Other models doing well are the E92/E93 and the X5 and X6 considering their age which is good for Spartanburg and US exports.
Newer models such as the X1,X3 and 6er are also strong sellers.
And the market is about to receive the M6 which will be introduced by a specific launch event and the all-new 7er which the current model's largest market is China.

I have spoken to people in the US in regarding the F30 performance but I am told it is due to aggressive leasing programmes on the run-out C-Klasse.
If you have taken the opportunity to drive the F30 against its competitors then you will know how far the F30 is ahead of the C-Klasse and way ahead of the Audi A4 so it cannot be the product because the differences in the F30 are highly apparent.

F30 has exceeded the E90 in the same amount of vehicles sold globally from launch to the current time. It is too early to dismiss the F30 as a failure as it has only been months on the market. European demand for the Touring is exceptionally high. As is the 330d model.
In the US most people are attracted to the C-class and A4 for two reasons:

1) they can't tell the difference in ride/handling between the C, A4 and F30
2) and since they can't, they would happily take the cheaper better deal, i.e. a C-class or A4.

It's also the reasons why some other customers would go for Lexus or Acura.