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most of these deals can't be compared to each other, different incentives, different locations, trade-ins...

in my case its $1,000 over invoice but I have $1750 in incentives plus the dealer is giving me about $1100 tax credit that no other dealer was willing to do, now dealers normally keep those tax credits for themselves, I have bought tons of cars and had never even heard of a dealer doing that for a customer until now. I am sure they made money on my trade in, probably more than they are making on my 335i, haha, but in the end I couldn't have sold my trade in for more than I was getting from them with even the regular tax credit (not including their bonus credit). So I feel as though I am walking out the door getting this car for about $1850 under invoice. How can I not be happy wtih that? and I know the dealer still is making money on the new sale, my trade in and future service. Could I have gotten $250-$500 more off, maybe, but that dealership might not have also offered full tax credit on my trade by using their tax credits from other trade ins...