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how long should 18" performance run flats last?

just curious, I am about to start a 36 month lease (36K miles), and will be using winter tires for around 14-15K of those, so about 22K miles on the performance summer run flats. Do you guys think I will be able to turn the lease in without a tire charge or will they need replacements by 22K miles? I know a lot depends on driving style, I am not racing stop light to stop light or taking corners at full speed but do like to occasionally have fun.

The reason I am asking is that I would prefer Michelin Super Sport tires as I had them on my C63 and loved them, but don't feel like putting down $1,000 for just a little added performance. However if I am going to need to get new tires before the lease is over, I would rather drive on the Super Sports now, then put the stock tires back on before trading it in...
Also this is all wheel drive, so the tire wear in the front and rear will probably be more even.