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I actually just ordered a set of the 19inch M6 Style Replicas for my wifes F30 from a place here in Anaheim called OEMWheelsPlus. My experience with replica wheels has been very good.

First, I am on my 3rd Audi where I bought Replicas. Current A4 has 19s from a place called Hartmann Wheels. This was a 3rd set purchased from them. Best parts, exact replicas, better offset than OE and lighter than the 19 OEs by 2lbs. No hubcentric rings needed so balanced out and look great.

I am waiting on my tires to arrive at Americas Tire, then will have the F30s installed but I am already extremely happy with OEMwheelsPlus. First, when I called I asked Ryan if he knew the weight. He said he didnt but would weigh one front and one rear and get back to me. He called back and I was very happy to hear the 19x8.5 et35 are 23 lbs and the rears 19x9.5 et 38 are 26lbs. When i arrived, they look just like factory originals. I had these same wheels but OE on my 550i and I loved them. Aggressive and easy to clean. When the replicas came out, I picked up each box and sure enough, I immediately could tell they were light because each box was lighter than expected. You ever went to pick up a wheel in a box and tried to grab with one hand and then used two so the box wouldnt tear. Wasnt the problem with these.

My point, after way too many cars to count and way to many sets of wheels and tires, I can tell you there is nothing more frustrating than getting excited about changing/upgrading the wheels, only to find out that once installed, they feel so heavy that the car loses some of its fun factor. That wont be an issue here. So when you are checking with Replicas, obviously quality is important but so is weight.

Hopefully by Friday I will be installing 235/35-19 Hankook K110s on front and 275/30-19s on rear. I checked the Plus 2 upgrade from the current 225/50-17s and the size in 19s I am installing keeps the overall diameter pretty close. 25.87 now to 25.52. Will post pics when done and then likely wont get to see the car except every evening when wifey gets home from work, as I walk out to inspect the wheels for possible curb rash