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Originally Posted by ft1337 View Post
Another first world problem:

I want to buy an F30 in M-Sport trim and these come with staggered summer tires. We happen to have a pretty cold winter around here and I know I will have to switch to winter tires/rims at some point this year. I don't feel like spending the additional money of a full set of tires and rims for the winter. Also I don't want to get the all-season run-flat tire downgrade since I will lose the staggered setup.

Does it make any sense to sell the run-flats, keep my rims, buy regular all-season staggered tires and keep them all year? What will that change in terms of noise, ride comfort and handling? All of which are important to me.
that is what I did, but I am having hard time selling those summer performance tires, i bought bridgestone potenzas all seasons non RFTs and to me it rides and sounds the same as the summer performance tires