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F30 Wheel upgrade to 19s

Just got everything installed and fairly happy with the results. Will post better pics tomorrow when I have my camera out.

Two things I would change already. 1. I went staggered and if I could pin down the best offset, would likely go the same size all around being aggressive on the front and rear similar to my Audi. I know the Audi is an AWD but I have gotten used to that autocross/rallycar look, wide front and wide rear. Maybe if I install adapters on front, 3, 4 or 5mm then I'll like the staggered look better on this F30. With the front bulging fenders, they really need to be pushed out but then the downside is when you go through water or anything, it sprays all upside the entire car.

2. If staggered, maybe would look for a better size for the front tire so the tire is slightly wider.

The wheel/tire combo really feels great. The wheel weight is light enough that I dont feel like I lost any performance and obviously the handling and look enormously improved. Lowering would fix it but thats another problem addressed below. The car is Imperial Blue with tan. Next is tint, drives me nuts without it.

Ok here are the stats: M6 Replicas from OEMWheelsPLus, 19x8.5 et35 front and 19x9.5 et38 rear. Tires: Hankook 110s 235/35-19 f with 275/30-19 r.

From my perspective the fronts are still tucked under too much by a few mm, easily corrected by a slightly wide tire or spacers on the wheels and the rears are pushed out too far slightly but thats really just the tire size. My rear tires are 10.71 inches wide. The overall diameter of the fronts and rear are perfect to avoid throwing off the spedo compared to what came on it installed, 225/50-17s. Heres the pics, better angles to come.

Since this is the wifes car at some point I have to figure out how to slightly lower it to close that 4x4 look. But anyone considering lowering, with this wheel size and offset and this tire size, lowering will cause it to rub at some point, when the car is full, big dip, whatever. We dont have the sport suspension and you can see the huge gap we have now. I personally like the new M5 style wheel better but I had the OE M6 wheels on my 550 and they are so easy to keep clean.

So other than the younger guys that will all say, drop, drop, drop, that aside, what do you think? I figure not bad for a relatively small price.