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There really seems to be mass confusion over what works and what doesn't. There are numerous posts describing the iPhone 5 working fine with the supplied (Apple) cable. For example:

The iPhone 5 seems to function better than my 4s in several areas.
Obviously the docking tray no longer works, but the new Lightning to USB cables functions perfectly. Pandora, Music all work as before.

Bluetooth seems to function better, specifically the Office functions finally are working, both text and email. They are both still contained in the Text section, but they now load instantly which they never did on the 4s (w/ iOS 6).

It will only display the first few lines while driving, but the voice will read the entire email or text. The main improvement is speed, they load as soon as they appear on the iPhone.

Siri also works via bluetooth audio.

Overall the transition to the Lightning cable hasnt seem to have affected newer vehicles, at least the BMW models with latest Combox.

All the fear, uncertainty, and doubt around here. I've already posted in various other threads about this, but if you buy either of the Lightning adapters, everything will work EXCEPT video playback and iPod Out, aka PlugIn, which is the native iPod video interface that you can put up on iDrive. But both of those features require that you have BMW Apps and the Media cradle.

Hey SD330i, I just picked up my car this past week. You already know that from my delivery thread Anyway, just wanted to chime in on my experience. First off the iPhone 5 integration with BMW is just flawless. There are a few things that you need keep in mind. On your iPhone, make sure you setup notifications to appear on lock screen for text messages. I believe the messages feature is still not working (At least I havent figured it out yet). This is for the text messages to pop up on the screen. Also download the connected drive app and start it before plugging in the phone to ensure 100% connectivity. I have seen where it looses connectivity if its not started prior to connecting the usb. ipod features just work out of the box once setup this way. Office features import your phone book into the car and the Bluetooth integration is dynamic. Meaning if you update a contact. add or delete, the change reflects once you start up the car. BMW + Apple is a good marriage (integration-wise).
Sorry for the length and the quotes, but all in all it appears that the iPhone 5 DOES integrate with newer BMWs, so success or failure must depend on which options you have. I would guess that one or both of the two options I mentioned may have something to do with it....?
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