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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
And if, like most people with an iPhone, you ordered Apps and a Cradle for maximum compatibility then the iPhone 5 is redundant. Also ... lightning? USB2? Are you sure? Lightning? Should be called Candle or something. Thunderbolt was a genuine technological breakthrough. Lightning is an absolute con. It's no surprise that sales of Apple goodies have fallen over the last few years and so they've made a smaller but worse adapter that forces lots of people to buy more goodies without getting ANY benefit other than ... wait for it ... you can put the wire in upside down I suppose Jobs was in the process of dying when he signed it off though so at least there's an excuse why it's crap.
Hmm. Lightning is a con, eh? If improving upon a 10 year old connector by making the new one 1/3 the size, much smoother and uni directional is a con, then I suppose you also find the F30 to be a con. Silly BMW, changed the looks a little, took 2 cylinders away and bumped up the price

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