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Originally Posted by E36toF30 View Post
If it's not too late, I wouldn't mind seeing a few quick pics with the stock wheels, just to get an idea of what the lowered ride height looks like with those.
Originally Posted by AntBabeee View Post
I too would like to see some pictures with the stock 18" wheels. Want to see the drop on it since you have H&R sports, I'm planning on getting the H&R super sports which are a bit lower.
Sorry, I didn't snap any pics on the H&R sports with the stock 18in M Sport wheels before I installed the new set. I will say, since installing the springs on Saturday, I have been noticing this week (on stock and new wheels) that at some angles the car looks too low, even on the sports...(I never thought this in photos, it's just something I'm noticing when I see it in person now) I know I would be disappointed in the super sports...I definitely don't want it to look "slammed," just a little lower and more aggressive than the stock ride height.