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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
When you've finished attacking your own straw man ...

You have clearly been conned. What's lightning about it? Have you seriously listened to yourself? Have you heard those "plus points"? It's smaller and the cable goes in easier. Whoopee. Who gives a fuck? It does less. It's a backwards step. It's ten year old technology (USB2), doesn't carry analogue audio or video without buying new accessories and requires the purchase of a whole bunch of adapters for your old accessories, some of which still won't work anyway. And it doesn't work properly in a BMW
You obviously don't have the iphone 5 or you would not try to discredit the very valid benefits I listed. You probably have an android photo. Yuck

Yes, it's lame that it doesnt work with the bmw. I'm pretty sure a software update will fix that.

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