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new 19" summer and use 18" 400M for snows?

So I am torn on what to do with snow tires right now. I got the staggered 18" 400M with summer tires but since they are expensive run flats ($1400 to replace and its a lease) I am considering just putting snow tires on the 400M wheels and making those my winter set, then buying a set of Black Breyton Race GTS wheels 19" and some Michelin Super Sport summer tires (non run flat).

then the summer my lease is up just putting the 18" performance run flats back on it, turning it in with almost new tread wear, so they won't charge me for that.

Cost wise it would only be about $1200 more than going with the same wheels in 18" form and putting the winter tires on it. So for $1200 I get 19" wheels instead for the summer and better summer tires plus no concern about a charge from BMW if the original tires were near bald when I turn in the lease (which they probably would be).

only downside is that I was going to use the Breyton Race GTS 18" for my next BMW (M3 or M4 GC) as my winter set (just use some spacers). If I go with 19" wheels then it kills that plan, and I am not too keen on using 19" for winter on a M3/M4 even though Blizzak does have that size for the LM60. And the 19" winter tires are about $150 more than 18" versions which also still might have some tread left, would just ave to toss those...

what do you guys think?