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Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
Dave you make the exact point I was trying to make, general everyday driving we would hardly notice the change, in your case with higher tuned engines being worked it would make a difference and you have proved it to yourself. My point is how often does the "average driver" ever get to use the top end of the rev range on UK roads?. Not much percentage wise I guess, so IMO why use the more expensive stuff. Each to there own.All my cars have not had a problem with smooth running, the ECU's adjust to the fuel put through them.
Yes, I agree. Unless you're driving something fairly ripped out, the benefits are more about better pickup and smoothness. I also agree with dropper99 though: I was certainly getting a useful amount of extra grunt in the low to mid rev range on my 530d.

Anyway, guess it's all down to the individual. The thing that makes me smile is knowing that the F30 330D M Sport I hope to see in December will fairly fly, even with chip fat in it