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Update for me. There is none. After being promised a solution and a call with directions on how they're going to make it right, there has been no response. I even called to check on the status of the fix. The tech supervisor went on vacation and didn't talk to anyone about it. The other tech guys can't do anything because they have zero decision making powers. They said they will contact the supervisor on vacation because he should still read his emails. However, no word since then. That was a week ago.

Rollinghard28: I'm glad you like the ride quality. Maybe you're more forgiving than I am. But in my opinion, the ride is literally crap. There is no way anyone can take a bumpy corner confidently with this ride quality. The other night I hit what should've been a mild bump and it rattled the car so badly it felt like the car's bones broke (figurative). The noise was so loud I thought my rims were dented. now I have these popping and pinging sounds when I drive.