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Most of the first reviews are lightweight, always have been. So what do you guys expect, until full reviews, usually based on longer periods in the cars, come through?

I sense you are wanting rave reviews, and until they come, any comment that is average, or even a slight criticism is viewed as rubbish.

Honest John's report says:

We drove a 330d in Luxury trim
Itís a little gruff when pushed hard but otherwise sounds subdued and hushed, helped by a silky smooth 8-speed automatic gearbox
At speed thereís barely any engine sound in the cabin, but tyre roar is apparent, as is a little wind noise.
Itís fair to say that the BMW 330d Touring is an impressive and accomplished car.
What is rubbish about those comments? Virtually every review of the F30 has echoed similar thoughts on tyre and wind noise, something that was my criticism of the F30 I drove. Far too loud for the premium sector. So do we expect the comments to be different for the touring? Likely not, as its on basically the same platform.

330d engines are gruff, that has been the case for years, so is that a poor observation.

I just don't know what you guys want to hear and read?

If the comments were 'gushing' and full of superlatives, it would be harder to believe, wouldn't it?