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Hi David,

Just a couple of things which have cropped up on my car that you may want to check. These are mostly minor things, and you will know doubt forget them once you're up and running.

Knock or clunk from the front steering/suspension (mine was the right side) when going over a bump at a low speed and turning (left for me). More noticeable on sports mode, and hardly happens on potholes. Service reckons there is a bit more “give” than normal in the steering and a new rack is on order from Germany.

Brake pedal movement. Mine sometimes has a "loose" feel when taking your foot off the brake. You can notice it when you grab the pedal and move it from left to right. New brake pedal assembly is being ordered, again from Germany.

Slight rubbing noise coming from the steering wheel area, only noticeable when parking. Was easily fixed with a bit of grease and oil, or you could just crank up the sound.

Passenger side fog light was loose, and was easily fixed.

All the best with the delivery and have a great day!