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Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
Well the early cars had wind noise problems, windscreen trim and door seals were the causes, now cured, I have driven two saloons and have the 328i luxury touring on loan and NO wind noises.

Engines are "GRUFF" now IMO thats boll*cks.
Yes Can be heard on start up "diesel sound" once going no problem.
Perhaps the wind noise ISN'T fully cured... that is a possibility. Tyre noise is definitely intrusive, very common complaint of the F30.

If you have found the BMW diesels aren't gruff, then you are in a different universe than me, I've never driven any 3.0d that isn't displaying typical diesel characteristics. They may be the best diesel engines out there, but diesel they still are, albeit they improve with each generation.

Perhaps we view engine refinement and the aural sounds in a different way.

I'm not criticising the diesel, as I am a diesel man at heart, (45-years of experience with diesel) but no way can they yet compare to the sweet, virtually vibration free petrol six. I back to back tested the F10 530d and 535i and there is no comparison on refinement. The 535i is still streets ahead on engine NVH.