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Originally Posted by azzurro View Post
I ordered mine today and got invoice using the $1,500 USAA credit. I could have tried to get it lower but I was happy with the price given that I made a phone call to the fleet manager at the dealership close to my house just today and a half hour later I was at the dealership and 20 niuntes later I was back in my car going home with my production number.

He told me before I came that he might be able to give me a couple of hundred more off but I decided not to pursue it and use it as a "good faith" credit with him and the dealership for some things down the road. He is going to give me $450 in golf certificates at a nice golf club nearby so if you include that, I did get it below invoice. lol
I don't get it? How are you guys getting such good deals so easily? Are some BMW dealerships suffering for sales that much?

I can understand someone getting an incredible deal if they are willing to go far and wide and reach out to dozens of dealers to find one willing to deal, but with the local dealership?

In my next of the woods (South Florida), dealers would laugh in your face at that kind of offer. The local economy isn't exactly doing that well either, although perhaps folks in, uh, "non-traditional" lines of business are doing pretty well...