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Originally Posted by ocso1606 View Post
Still thinking about it. What are people paying for it?
Full coverage here. Full front bumper, headlights, full front fenders, and full hood, door edges, door cups (where your hands go to open door), and the rear bumper where the trunk is.

My guy was using high end XPEL, but said they had some issues w/ it, so they are now using SunTek. it's extremely clear and slick and zero orange peel.

Listed price on full coverage as I got is ~2200.00 (it's WAY more than 1/4 coverage as it is about 10x the work) But it looks better b/c you can't see it. Prices will range heavily. The guys I used have a large electronic cutitng machine and XPEL has the patterns, so no cutting done on the car. To me it's important that a razor blade doesn't snuggle w/ my paint.
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