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2000 M Roadster (sold), 2006 M Coupe (sold)

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watching the video makes me think this is going to look a lot better than most people are expecting. Seeing the photos it looks very similar to the F30, but watching the video you can start to see the differences and more 6 series design in it. It will be a really sharp car and anyone with the extra cash that doesn't want something as big as the 5 series (although this will be close) and as good looking as a coupe, this will be a winner. For the pourist, this car will be avoided as it cost more and will weigh more! M3 sedan vs M4 Gran Coupe, the M3 will be cheaper and faster! I would find it hard to believe the M4 gran coupe would look any different interior wise to the M3, so you will be paying probably a $6K premium for the exterior "coupe like" looks.

Having said all that I am glad they are making the Gran Coupe and the M4 GC, but will probably stick with the M3 due to "value"