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Originally Posted by EnerJi View Post
I don't get it? How are you guys getting such good deals so easily? Are some BMW dealerships suffering for sales that much?

I can understand someone getting an incredible deal if they are willing to go far and wide and reach out to dozens of dealers to find one willing to deal, but with the local dealership?

In my next of the woods (South Florida), dealers would laugh in your face at that kind of offer. The local economy isn't exactly doing that well either, although perhaps folks in, uh, "non-traditional" lines of business are doing pretty well...

If you think about it, I really paid $1,500 OVER invoice for the car AND -$1,500 for USAA so TOTAL comes out to "invoice price. I'm pretty sure ANY dealer will sell for $1,500 over invoice because they are also getting 5% in rebates or something like that from BMW.

FWIW, I was offered on ONE email $6,500 below invoice on a Mercedes E350 up in Los Angeles. Granted, it's a different car but with the new Audis out, the BIG three are all slugging it out and therefore some great deals.

I could have driven up to Orange County or LA and probably lopped off another $500-$750 but it wasn't worth it to me. I'm happy with invoice and didn't want to spend any more energy and time trying to get it cheaper and driving all over the place.