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Well I test drove this M135i yesterday, no pussy RPM's 8K+
It is fast in sport mode but bumpy and hard and unsettled in sport suspension setting (just my opinion) around poor A/B roads. Pocket rocket would be my verdict.
One thing I did notice was it was slow to down change on the paddles, not sure if it was just the box in this car still working out driving style.
I managed to squeal tyres on full bore even in 3rd gear
At these RPM's economy was 7MPG
Cruising I saw 27.5MPG which for this car with no miles on it was good. The exhaust note once up the rev range was addictive, lovely sound.
I liked it.
A licence losser if you are not careful.
PS) brakes were the upgrade M Sport, same as I have ordered for the 330D MS, these were very good, nice firm peddle and great feel. Gave a lot of confidence.
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2018 540i M Sport "M" Performance kit..

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