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Originally Posted by schnell13 View Post
Tores, first off, don't ever think you've posted too many pics. We all love and appreciate these cars, and enjoy seeing each others individual tastes when it comes to colors, options, mods etc. So, no worries there.

That being said, the photos and the car are beautiful. I'm a huge fan of sport wagons, and I don't think we get nearly enough of them in the states. If I could have acquired a gently used M5 touring, I absolutely would have gone with that instead of my 335i. However, that tasty morsel was never officially imported to the States, and I do love my F30!

Enjoy your car, she's a beauty!
Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
Both are looking beautiful, having had 3 E90s in the past but I prefer the F30/31.

Congrats. Beautiful car you have.

On the pictures it looks like you have a different chrome(luxury?) grille installed.

EDIT: I see this question has already been taken care of. It's the luxury grille indeed.

Originally Posted by remmib View Post
Congrats on you new F31, looks like you like gray cars.

And cool that you got a change to do a photo shoot with them together.
Schnell 13: Thank you I am fond of the sport wagons aswell! As for the pictures, good to hear. It is to difficult choosing 2 or 3 out of 45 pics

Robin: Thanks I have only had the F 31 for a week and driven 2600 km, but so far I like what I see(and feel). The E 91 gave me a bit more go cart feeling though,which is both good and bad

Remmib: Thanks, yes I have a thing with grey. I feelt that I had to order another color this time, but it did nothappend I suppose it`s pretty much like you and blue? I`ve seen your car in the Hgs area, very nice!