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Originally Posted by remmib View Post
I like the Le Mans blue very much, but not so sure about the estoril blue on the f30. And the e90 is my only blue car so far, my old e46 was sienna red.

So you're in the Haugesund area sometimes? I assume you live on Ýstlandet ?
I see you've got TS plates (Odda) on the new car, any reason for that?
I see, agree with the Le Mans. Regardig the Estoril I think it depends on the car. I like it on the 1 series. I have also seen it on a M5 at BMW welt in Munich and it was cool. I was considering Estoril for a while but felt Mineral was more safe on the F31.

Yes, I live in Oslo but I am working with sales so I am in HGS from time to time. Well regarding the plates, I probably should not tell but it`s my initials(my wife is embarrassed)