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Thanks everyone.

So far I've had limited time driving the car and unfortunately I've been summoned to Sydney for work next week In the driving time I've had the car has been a pleasure to drive. In comparison to my Evo the ride is so smooth and refined. In my Evo I could feel every bump and crack on the road and it was a raw machine that pumped out approximately 350 HP. So I guess almost any ride is going to feel like smooth and comfortable compared to that. I still can't get over how much grunt it has on sports mode. This is such a pleasant surprise as I was expecting for a huge drop in power coming from the Evo. One thing I would say is that I would definitely trade the horse power for the comfort of owning a luxury car.

I'm loving the interior. My favorite part of the interior is that steering wheel. I cannot believe how good it is. Has a really good feel to it and just looks amazing. I do love my Recaro bucket seats in my Evo but now I don't really need them and the sport seats in my car are just fine. Even all the simple things all BMW drivers are used to by now is just so amusing to me. The Bluetooth connectivity to my mobile phone which plays all my music (no more fumbling around with CD's or connecting mp3 players etc) and the ability to make and receive phone calls is just so convenient. The beautiful color of the dash and speedo is so pleasant to look at night.

The exterior...well I can say I've never bought a car without seeing how it looks in the flesh and let me assure you guys I was not disappointed. I had the car parked outside my office and it was attracting a lot of attention. People would walk past and either stop and gawk or keep walking but their heads and eyes would just focus on the car I've only ever bought white cars as IMHO it shows off the chunkiness of the car in turn makes it looks much more aggressive. Alpine white in the M-Sport was no different. I will also be looking into the M-Aerodynamics kit and rear spoiler in carbon and I think carbon on white is probably one of the best matches. I'm not going to lie I was very tempted by the Estoril Blue (that EB is soo sweet).

I haven't noticed any rust on my seats or any steering vibration (and I hope I never do). I haven't really noticed anything wrong with the car at all and so far it has been a real treat to drive. The only complaint if anything is that I need to set the car to sports mode every time I drive it and also turn off the fuel saving functionality where it shuts down the engine at the traffic lights (don't want to have it on until I get used to the car).

All in all I love the car... I don't think I could go back to a Evo on a full time basis but it has crossed my mind get back in one on a part time basis as a second car. For those that are still waiting for delivery I hope it comes soon but its definitely worth waiting for.