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Originally Posted by SwnSng View Post
First Post here, was a lurker on e90post.

I have a few questions, do you have to currently own a BMW to get the loyalty credit? I have owned 3 BMWs in the past, purchased all new, e46 325i, e46 M3 and E90 335i, would that qualify me for the credit?

I keep hearing you guys mention the 1500 USAA credit, is this something you have to be a current member of, or is it just financing through them?

Here is the offer sheet the dealer sent me in OC, not in love with it, how much should I haggle for?


If you want to haggle, offer $500 over invoice and see what happens. You will get some resistance from dealers at this price. They will probably come back at $1,500 over invoice. IF you have access to USAA, with the credit now you are at invoice.

When they come back at $1,500 and you have USAA, your next offer is just to tell them I'll buy it if you give me $1,000 over invoice with the USAA gets you at $500 BELOW invoice and it will be a done deal.

All this can be done through email. Just find out who either the fleet manager is or the internet sales manager is. Call them up, tell them what you're looking for (I had my order sheet with MSRP prices AND invoice prices on all of my options done on bmwconfig) and that you want to email them your build sheet. They will call you or email you back and now you talk price.

I got a price on a phone call after emailing my build sheet and the deal was done on the phone. I went to the dealer. Filled out my info, gave the fleet manager a check for $1,000 (which they aren't even going to cash) and 15 minutes later, I was on the road driving home with my production number. Completely painless and easy. This is how it should work.